JENNIE BROUSE has a passion for making delicious, nutritious food, and has been practicing since she was a girl. Her dear mother instilled in her the wisdom of eating for health, growing and preserving food from their large garden, and cooking from scratch. This lifestyle continued while raising their children to today. Sharing her delicious meals with friends and family has been part of her “love language”. Jennie’s husband, Richard, has counseled many patients with nutritional advice for over 43 years. She has worked beside him encouraging them in their change to a healthier lifestyle, including eating habits. This cookbook has evolved from the many requests of patients and friends who want a few guidelines for more wholesome cooking. Thus, Wholesome-Fresh-Delicious has been created with recipes that have been favorites in the Brouse house. It is the authors’ hope that many will be inspired to seek out more wholesome food sources, embrace seasonal eating of fresh produce, and love cooking from scratch; all of which will encourage great health!

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“Wow!🙌🏼🎉🎈 this cookbook is GORGEOUS!!!!! and I’m the first on my block to get it!😂And besides being so elegantly beauuuuutiful, it is winsome and cozy and easy and It will make all my nutritional rogues lean a little closer toward understanding the sanity of eating whole real foods. It’s down-home and cute and now to the recipes, they look as fabulous as I knew they would be and I cannot wait to get started… December 26, sorry about that! Oh boy oh boy! You’ve also set up algift givingiving for the coming year. so my next five pack will be in January! Goody goody goody.💃🏼🕺🏿 THANK YOU AGAIN, JENNIE!! for birthing this wonderful thing- and for my gift! 🎁 my heart is absolutely singing with joy.” 😘😘😘😘😘🥰 Barb Liljegren

“Dan loves your roasted garlic dressing and dip for his Cardinals football halftime snack. Perfect after 18 holes of golf! Thank you dear Jennie!!! ” Ingrid Hagen

The foundation of this cookbook comes from the simple concepts of “eating for health”, seasonally, locally, and cooking from scratch. Sourcing nutritious, safe, and fresh foods reap the reward of more energy, less toxic load, and aging gracefully. These recipes encourage seasonal produce that will support our needs throughout the year. When we cook from scratch, we can wisely choose healthful ingredients which taste much better. Avoiding the “center aisles” at the grocery store where the processed foods are will lower the food bill, eliminate the cheap and toxic ingredients, and decrease salt, sugars, and bad fats that play havoc with our health.

The introductions at the beginning of the book and starting each chapter further encourages healthful ingredients. The main introduction explains of healthful choices of cooking staples, such as fats and oils, salt and pepper, seasonings, and grains. The BREAKFAST BEGINNINGS introduction encourages starting the day “well fueled” with “clean” proteins, fruits and vegetables, and some grains. THE MAIN EVENT Introduction helps wise choices of all the different protein sources, including vegan. My favorite and the largest, FRESH SALADS & DRESSINGS chapter has an introduction explaining the importance of organic, especially with fresh produce. Commercially prepared dressings have the potential of us ingesting unhealthy oils, and chemicals that are used as stabilizers, conditioners, and preservatives. Fresh made dressings are so easy to whisk up. I have included my favorites which I have a few in the refrigerator most of the time. The DELICIOUS SOUPS introduction provides a few guidelines for making delicious and nutritious broths, the foundation of any great soup. Choosing healthful seasonings is also mentioned. The SUPER SIDES introduction visits several “super” vegetables, encouraging eating more of these great vegetables and grains. The DESSERTS AND SNACKS introduction explains man’s addiction to sweets. These recipes encourage natural sweeteners, healthy fats, and using seasonal fruits. As we decrease the daily consumption of sugars, our bodies will recalibrate our sugar drive.

Six chapters are divided with colored edges, making them easier to find. These recipes have been prepared numerous times in my kitchen. The ingredients and instructions are clear and to the point. Many of them present variations for the cook to add a personal touch. That is part of the “art of cooking”! I will also continue experimenting in “my lab”. I cannot help myself! My desire is to inspire others to LOVE preparing nutritious food for themselves and their loved ones to promote improved health.

” Jennie’s cookbook will awaken your palette.  This cookbook is filled with a beautiful spread of visual delight. Each recipe has a full color photo to tempt your taste buds. Cook up any of these recipes and you will not be disappointed. Eating Jennie’s real, fresh food is not only delicious, but once you make one recipe you will want to make them all. The Breakfast Quiche is wholesome and has the perfect blend of vegetables, meat, and seasonings. We love the flavor of this quiche and how sustaining it is for the first meal of the day. Thank you for sharing your wholesome, tasty recipes in your beautiful, full color cookbook, Jennie! The spiral bound, waterproof pages make it extra special. Such a work of art! ” Laurie Taylor 

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