Vision & Mission

A Clinical Biochemist’s Vision

Richard Brouse’s vision of wellness care is “wellness through applying  science and Dr. Shaklee’s common sense.” My purpose is empowering you to make wise choices with nutrition, exercise, and mental health for a richer life.

Richard Brouse’s Mission

Dr. Richard Brouse Retd. (retired after 44 years of chiropractic practice) has the belief that every person has the right to pursue health. This includes receiving early advice for the prevention of disease and the maintenance of their well being. He fulfills this mission through the philosophy of, “Person centered wellness care,” where the individual is ultimately responsible for their health decisions. His aim is to ensure that people can make these decisions after being properly informed and educated about their health status and options for health care. High level wellness and longevity are two aspects of this program.

We are committed to a comprehensive approach that respects the whole person – structurally, emotionally, nutritionally, environmentally and spiritually.

This exclusive concierge service to Shaklee nutrition and healthcare product users  offers quality counseling and health related services including an extensive online library and live educational programs. We know that he has succeeded in this aim when past patients choose him as a valued member of their health team throughout the rest of their life. Superb personal service is not just a philosophy, our patients’ complete satisfaction is his highest purpose.

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