Things that make this a unique practice

Sunnyside offers services not often found in other health care facilities. More importantly than the individual clinical services we offer, patients have come to expect the following from Sunnyside:

  • A more comprehensive health analysis and treatment program than they can find elsewhere
  • Patients are given the diagnostic tests results in the form of a bound report. These reports explain the  purpose of the test, the relevance of the findings,recommended follow-up testing and treatment and a  suggested health program including diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements.
  • Commitment to quality service.
  • Staff members who care for them and take the time to address their needs.

Sunnyside Health Center was founded in 1977

Dr. Richard Brouse founded Sunnyside Health Center and Chiropractic Clinic in September of 1977. Dr. Brouse  had just graduated from Western States Chiropractic College and received his license to practice Chiropractic in  the State of Oregon. His practice grew rapidly as he developed his philosophy and determined how he wanted to  structure his practice.

Sunnyside Health Center is primarily a referral practice. This means that all of the people who are new patients have been referred to the clinic by a doctor who understands our health care philosophy or by an existing patient. Sunnyside generally does not place ads advertising its services. This is important because we expect our
patients to understand our general philosophy before we begin to discuss their health concerns and health needs. Our level of care can be very intensive and it is important that our patients are willing to do the work and lifestyle changes that our health program requires.


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