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I live in Erie, Pennsylvania and in January, 2000, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (an incurable cancer of the bone marrow which has no  known cause).  I began working with Dr. Brouse via telephone from February, 2000, until December, 2000, when I flew to Oregon to see him  personally at his clinic. Having cancer and the treatments I was receiving from my oncologist, had me scared for my life — especially after I read that the median life  span for a person with Multiple Myeloma is three years.  I saw Dr. Brouse twice a year for eight years, and now my trips to see him are annual.   On each visit we do the blood work and the lab tests, which Dr. Brouse recommends. During my annual week’s stay in Oregon, I receive daily  colonics. On the last day of my week’s visit to Dr. Brouse, we review the lab results.  He sends me home with his recommendations of specific foods that I should consume and what supplements and how many of each I should take until my next trip to Oregon.  

I credit Dr. Brouse for saving my life. He has taught me so much about good eating, living a healthy lifestyle, and ways to remove stress from my life.
Also, during the past 11 years, whenever I was receiving mostly doom & gloom messages from my oncologist, after calling Dr. Brouse with tears  in my eyes and talking with him for a brief time, I would hang up smiling and feeling there was so much hope and a long future ahead of me.  I  honestly don’t think I’d be alive today, if it   weren’t for my trips to Oregon, and following his recommendations when I returned home. I’ve  made good friends with SSHC staff, and know I can always count on them.  Sharon is my rock to whom I always turn when I need help.  Suzanne is the one I trust when receiving colonics and doing the tests while I’m there. Now during my appointments with my oncologist, he says he doesn’t know what to think about me because I’m doing so well, even though I’m not taking any of his drugs and chemicals.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t  really want to know what I’m doing (although I’ve tried to tell him), but he tells me whatever it is I’m doing, to keep on doing it. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Brouse,

-Carolyn W.

A Big Thanks to Dr. Brouse and all the wonderful staff at Sunnyside Health Center. Two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. It was the worst day of my life as well as a  complete shock for me because I thought I was a very healthy person. I ate healthy, exercised a little, and took some vitamin supplements on a regular basis. It wasn’t until after my second surgery, when I received my Build A Better You test results back and learned how sick I really was, you see you are only as strong as your weakest system. Mine, was my immune system which was only working at 50%. As well as high levels of estrogen mimicking toxins, and a host of other toxins as well. So began a very strict diet, handfuls of supplements, baking soda baths 3 times a week to start flushing out the toxins, and lots of exercise and yoga. We also bought a infrared sauna to really help get the toxins out, which I use all the time, I love it! 

My oncologist is still amazed that I am cancer free and did it without chemo, radiation or tamoxifen.
I now have more energy than I thought possible, and am enjoying everyday that I am given. Thanks again for being such a Blessing to me and my family. 

-Kathy G.

John and I have been patients of Dr. Brouse since 2000 when we moved to Oregon.   We had met Dr. Brouse at a wonderful health seminar he did for our area in Ohio and we had been so impressed that we knew we wanted to work with him. We came to Dr. Brouse with John having Parkinson’s and me having a thyroid condition that had not been successfully corrected in 43 years.  

Dr. Brouse has helped John minimize the progression of the Parkinson’s so that he can do most everything and he has helped me get my thyroid under control.
  We have seen people who have had Parkinson’s as long as John has and they are in wheel chairs and can hardly speak.  What a difference  for John!  Dr. Brouse monitors my thyroid levels and lets me know whether my thyroid is functioning correctly or not so that I can get both my  medicine and supplements adjusted.  As a result of his care, I have none of the normal problems people have with under active thyroid.  We cannot say enough for the quality of Dr. B’s analysis, diagnosis and care.  Anyone could benefit from working with him.                  

-Joan A.

We were reminiscing about how we became patients of Dr. Brouse when we were there in September.  We just want you to know how much we appreciate you all. It’s been 21 years since we started coming to see Dr. Brouse.  Our son, Joe, had been sick when we brought him for a very successful visit.  Three months later I was having a problem with my health.  After my doctor gave a diagnosis which really worried me, I came back to see  

Dr. Brouse. He put me through a thorough workup at the clinic and then helped me to understand what was going on in my body and how to take care of myself. My problem went away within two months.
  Even though we live in California, it’s Dr. Brouse we call when we’re really concerned about our health.  Over the years he’s helped us through many health problems, some for which we found no other answer, and always in a more natural way. So thank you Dr. Brouse, Jennie, and all of you who help us when we are there.  Thank you for what you do and for being there.   

-Sibby, Bob, & Joe Mc.

Every time I have been to the clinic I am treated so warmly and with such great kindness. I also believe that each time I have visited, a miracle has occurred. God does work through Dr. Brouse.

-Pat S.

I was 19 years young when I first met Dr. Brouse and visited his Sunnyside Health Clinic in Clackamas Oregon. Due to over-stress, and overwork, I was in need of some clinical help and sound advice to get my health back in check again.  The clinic offered options and treatment plans not readily available in Canada.  

Dr. Brouse and staff gave me the answers I needed, along with the tools and resources to be the healthiest I’ve ever been!
Over the years I’ve gone down to the clinic for re-checks to make sure my health keeps on track. I consider these trips my mini holidays, seeing all our friends at Sunnyside Health Center, and coming home rested and refreshed. I always received the help needed and recommendations for LIFE!   Many of my family and friends have visited Dr. Brouse at his clinic, or shared in one of his informative seminars when he visits locally. I love to invite people of all ages to listen and learn from the tele-clinics offered as well!  I’m in a wonderful place in my life….seeing my 4 beautiful daughters all grown up and being blessed with my first granddaughter!  Born Nov. 14th/2010.  All is good!!! 

-Julie W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Brouse’s for about 14 years and am now 63 years of age.  Approximately 12 years ago Dr. Brouse helped me adjust my lifestyle and dietary habits after retiring from the Fire Dept with 29+ years of service.  

Nine years later, I had by-pass heart surgery and by following Dr. Brouse’s recommendations, I was able to totally recover from the surgery, lower my blood pressure and lower my cholesterol without taking any drugs.
More recently I have had kidney and prostate problems due to heavy toxicity caused by years of over-exposure to toxic chemicals as a fire-fighter.  Again under the guidance of Dr. Brouse I am on a detox and rebuilding program which has improved my kidney function from 11% to 40% over a 6 month period.  I am positive I would not be here today without Dr. Brouse’s knowledge of the human body and his continued guidance.       

-Tom M.

In 2003, I had a life and death health crisis that the medical establishment was never quite able to diagnose, let alone treat to my satisfaction. I was given the option of a bone marrow transplant or chemotherapy, as well as removing my thymus and my spleen. None of these  options were suitable to me! Thankfully, I was introduced to Dr. Brouse; a biochemist, chiropractic Physician and board certified clinical nutritionist. He believes strongly
in Dr. Shaklee’s philosophies and has used all Shaklee products in his practice for over 40 years. My other doctor’s recommendations were because they could not find a single red blood cell. I was told they were dead and soon I would be too if I didn’t quickly take their recommended advice.Dr. Brouse discovered my red blood cells were not dead, but had in fact, gone to sleep due to what he believed was either a genetic weakness or environmental toxicity exposure to black mold (I had previously owned and operated a cleaning business where I worked in all kinds of uncontrolled environments.) 

Long story short… through one year of intense supplementation and a strict organic diet, I made a miraculous recovery! For someone who was supposed to be dead long ago…
I’m very happy to be coming up on my 70th birthday, full of energy, vitality and healthier than I’ve ever been, thanks to Shaklee and Dr. Brouse.

-Kay Mc.

Working with Dr. Brouse and his staff for the past 12 years has been a life-changing experience for our entire family. Coming to the clinic is not like going to a doctor’s appointment. It’s like visiting family who give encouragement, warmth and caring. We are so often amazed with Dr Brouse’s health perspective.

Dr. Brouse is a true teacher with the thoroughness of the blood work, his interpretation, recommendations and follow-through with each health program for our family.
Dr. Brouse has made himself very accessible with the Hotline. It is difficult to express adequate  gratitude and
appreciation for his continual care.

-Steve & Jan C.

  Icalled Dr. Brouse as I had a lump removed from my breast and the lab report came back positive for cancer.  I decided to go to Sunnyside Health Clinic as I knew Dr. Brouse is all about finding out why a health issue has happened.  I was able to get a two week stay arranged so my husband, son and I took a trip out Clackamas to visit Dr. Brouse and his staff.  We did the tests Dr. Brouse recommended and treated our two-week stay as a vacation when I wasn’t visiting the clinic for treatments.  I found out the root cause of the cancer, which was a high level of estrogen-mimicking toxins and an inability of my liver to efficiently detoxify my body.  I made some major changes in my life that Dr. Brouse recommended and today I am happy to say “I am cancer free”!  

Thanks to Dr. Brouse and his friendly, competent, and professional staff, my life is back in order and I’m able to help others with the things I learned.
  What a blessing they have been to me.             

-Linda B.

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