Northwest Academy of Practical Nutrition

HEC_Seal_200x200The NWAPN has its origins from a group of Shaklee sales leaders in and around Portland, Oregon who were seeking a source of health and nutrition information that was in keeping with the philosophy of Dr. Forrest Shaklee.  An Oregon chiropractor, and nutritional instructor at Western States Chiropractic College, Dr. Richard Brouse, first offered such a course in 1978 after personally meeting and studying with Dr. Shaklee.

Thus began a series of lectures on contemporary health topics and nutritional solutions at a practical level to a lay audience.  In 2001, after 911, Dr. Brouse was asked to present concise programs that could be used by Shaklee sales leaders throughout the U.S. and Canada for product training.  Once again, encouraged by local Shaklee business builders, a formal series of training courses was organized for three levels of interest and personal need.  Funded by tuition of its students, the NWAPN was organized and registered in 2003 to meet the educational needs of a growing number of new Shaklee users as well as the experienced group of long-time consumers and business leaders.  Recently, Dr. Lon Brouse and Dr. Daniel Brouse, both chiropractic physicians and professional educators, have joined the Academy and complement Dr. Richard Brouse in producing factual and practical educational materials.

The training information compiled for the courses is based on a collective knowledge from the scientific literature and the Shaklee field as well as Dr. Brouse’s 30 years of treating over 20,000 Shaklee users at his clinic in Clackamas, Oregon.

In 2006, an Internet on-line offering of training courses has been created to reach a much broader group of interested Shaklee users. Our motto of “Knowledge * Application * Collaboration” expresses our purpose as we keep the legacy of Dr. Forrest Shaklee alive.

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