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Continuing Education is The Mark Of Professionalism

The Shaklee Family has a great desire to constantly learn to help themselves and others meet their highest potential. Genuine, vibrant health is our goal as students of Dr. Shaklee. This is why Dr. Brouse enjoys speaking to the Shaklee Family throughout the continent, and would count it an honor to speak in your area.

Recent and Future Scheduled Presentations By Dr. Brouse

Saturday October 19, 2019 Fishkill, NY

Saturday September 21, 2019 Williamsville, NY

SE Michigan Sales Leaders – Saturday Nov 3, 2018

Side Stepping Toxins, Clackamas OR. February 17, 2018

October 15th – Minneapolis, MN – contact Leticia Blommel (320)250-8368.

drbrousesurrey November 19th – Surrey, B.C. – contact Amy Larivier (250)727-9836.

February 4th – Clackamas lecture – “Health Preservation – Live To Be 100!” – contact Kathy (503)631-4184

Do You Want More?

Optional Build A Better You Workshop: When there are Ten or more members in your area who are interested in knowing how to improve their own health, the Build A Better You Workshop may be of benefit. At a determined time, at least two weeks, before the seminar time, these individuals will return a (1) 7-day diet, (2) lifestyle symptoms questionnaire, and (3) a current supplement list to Sunnyside Health Center. (4) An extensive health panel obtained from a blood and urine sample will be complete and sent to Sunnyside Health Center from the LabCorp stations in your area. From these 4 pieces of information, a customized health report will recommend lifestyle changes including diet, exercise, stress control, and supplementation. When Dr. Brouse arrives in your area, at a pre-arranged two-hour group workshop, the participants will receive their reports and Dr. Brouse will go over the reports. An individual 30-minute private telephone-report consult and 15-minute one-month consult will be scheduled for each participant once Dr. Brouse has returned to the clinic.

Would Your Group Like Advanced Product Training From Dr. Brouse?

Sunnyside Health Center through the experience of Dr. Brouse now offers custom Zoom training sessions life from his office to your group using Zoom conferencing.  This allows a topic of your choice to be researched and presented by an active nutritional specialist who was a student of Dr. Shaklee.

[highlight]Contact Jennie Brouse at jbrouse47@hotmail.com if you would like to discuss your interests and the tuition.[/highlight]

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