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Clients following a restorative program may access a secure approved online store, Wellevate (USA Only) or Doctors Supplement Store (USA/CANADA), for any therapeutic supplements suggested that are not made yet by Shaklee. If you are a client of Dr. Brouse and need assistance accessing this site, rather than piecemealing questionable products on the web, please contact our office. We need to first create an account for you, then check your e-mail and accept the invitation to Wellevate/Doctors Supplement Store. Once verified, you then begin ordering product and have it shipped directly to you from the supplier to save postage if we were to stock them. 

As before, Shaklee supplements are ordered through your personal Shaklee distributorship.

Wellevate: USA Only

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Doctors Supplement Store: USA and CANADA (RB1799-REGISTRATION CODE)

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