What is Practical Nutrition?

It is what most people need, most of the time before and after disease is present.  It is the true definition of primary care.

  • If you would like to be empowered to help yourself, your family, friends, acquaintances, associates, and a seeking community in the pursuit of optimum health & wellness,
  • If you have health concerns and are dissatisfied with the results or lack of results you are getting using traditional medicine,
  • If you are seeking answers, but find yourself overwhelmed with the abundance of information and your ability to discern the difference between scientifically proven data, opinion and hearsay,
  • If you are willing to be an active participant in your wellness program, to make recommended changes in your diet & lifestyle, and to hold yourself accountable,
  • If you are willing to invest in your wellness regardless of insurance approval or cooperation,
  • If you are willing to pursue knowledge in support of your objective of health & wellness,
  • If you are seeking answers, but find yourself overwhelmed with the abundance of information and your ability to discern the difference between scientifically proven data, opinion and hearsay,
  • If you would be interested in collaborating with like-minded people to create a Culture based on proven scientific data,
  • If you recognize the need for and the benefit of supplementation because it is an essential component in maintaining and restoring health,
  • If you enjoy a collaborative learning experience where you review and contribute to the work of other academy students,
  • If you understand and are interested in preserving the Shaklee Difference in your home and business
  • If you are willing to invest in your wellness regardless of insurance approval or cooperation.
  • Enroll today and begin the most fascinating field of health preservation of disease prevention – Practical Nutrition.

Why Study Practical Nutrition?

Practical Nutrition is simply put “what most people need most of the time.”  It recognizes that all people are different and have unique needs.  Most of all, it implies that with an eager and open mind, each person can discover the nutritional factors that are just right for them.  Having a certified nutritional counselor to guide their choices opens an exciting opportunity in the complementary health and wellness industry.  News is reporting almost daily how nutrition therapy can work alongside orthodox medicine. It is a way of using food and supplements to encourage and support the body’s natural healing. It does this by aiding and maximizing body systems to:

  • Detoxify
  • Correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to lifestyle and poor choices.
  • Restoring healthy digestion and absorption
  • Customize nutrient usage to meet genetic needs
  • Develop a progressive learning attitude.
  • Replace nutrients lost during the course of an illness
  • Live a longer and more enjoyable life

In order to achieve the above goals, a nutritional consultant asks a lot of questions about all aspects of health and well being including medical history, dietary history, family history, menstrual problems, digestion, energy levels and exercise. This helps the consultant discover if there are any problems such as food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, toxic overload or general nutritional problems. Besides asking questions the consultant might suggest working through a natural doctor to do tests such as bio-nutritional blood and urine testing, hair mineral analysis, hormone tests or food intolerance tests in order to get a better understanding of a person’s unique health status.

When dealing with a client, the consultant will suggest educational materials, from a natural perspective, to support food choices as well as specific supplements. They may also recommend a specific type of diet.  Supplements are often necessary for a person to meet optimal needs.

What’s the difference between a practical nutrition consultant and a dietician?

This is a very common question and in reality, they are quite different.

  1. A practical nutrition consultant has completed coursework and passed examinations which certifies their ability to continuously study and help their client choose wisely from safe and reasonable combinations of lifestyle, exercise, diet and supplements. They are recognized by their peers as examples as well as advisors. In essence, they promote health and wellness.  A dietician works under a medical doctor to save costs in hospital food programs, advise patients and families about disease processes, administer standardized diets and defend their position against supplementation or other unorthodox teachings regarding food or food items.  They are heavily funded by both the drug and commercial food industry.
  2. A nutritional consultant works closely with natural physicians in determining optimum nutrients which are the amounts needed to minimize health problems and promote health and wellness. A dietician works from the recommended daily amounts of nutrients (RDA’s) which are set by the government and are the amounts needed to prevent diseases such as scurvy and beriberi.
  3. A nutritional consultant works on prevention of health problems as well as encouraging the body to heal itself. A dietician doesn’t always recognize the role of nutrition in some health problems e.g. sinusitis, menstrual problems, asthma, etc.
  4. A nutritional consultant uses advanced research from current peer reviewed sources.  A dietician uses research based on established scientific evidence often several years old.
  5. A nutritional consultant looks at environmental factors. A dietician does not.
  6. A nutritional consultant looks at the patient holistically including stress, the aging process and helps plan a strategy to improve the situation. A dietician tends to focus only on a particular problem such as diabetes or obesity using orthodox therapies and drugs.

As you start down your path of health and wellness, you won’t want to miss out on current health Lectures, Seminars, and Tele-Clinic.  Enroll today!

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