Intermediate Practical Nutrition Course

The Intermediate Practical Nutrition Course is a 16 hour instruction for the serious-minded student who desires a deeper exposure to scientific and social issues surrounding Modern Nutrition, Health and Disease.  Upon completion, you will be certified as a Intermediate Practical Nutrition Advisor.

In each module, Dr. Brouse presents the current understanding in each pertinent area from the human nutrition perspective.  Controversial subjects are approached from an inductive standpoint allowing the student to critically analyze the concept.  As an example; healthy plants come from healthy soils, which bring up the question of “What is the effect of single crop farming and commercial fertilizer application to the quality of food?”

Each module is enriched with a practical assignment for the participant.  An open book final examination brings together the concepts from each module and enforces the participant’s grasp of biochemical, physiological and life stress effects on human nutrition.  A special feature of this course is the review of each Shaklee nutritional product including uses that are not found anywhere else.


This course is challenging and requires a certain level of critical thinking and necessitates a fundamental foundation of basic nutrition.  Therefore, the Basic Practical Nutrition Course is highly recommended, but not required, before enrolling in this course. Enroll Today!

Course Outline

This course is designed to give the student the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to advance to the Advanced Practical Nutrition Course course.  This course is structured in such a way that it may be taken several times as the specific area of study is constantly changing, i.e. Immune System.

Module 1 – History of Nutrition & Shaklee

Terminology of Natural Nutrition
History of the Science of Nutrition
How Dr. Shaklee entered the field of Nutrition
What is the Shaklee Difference?

Module 2 – Applied Nutrition

Three Levels of Health
Physiology of Nutrition
Food Pyramid
Healthy Lifestyle

Module 3 – Understanding Supplementation

Benefits of Nutritional Supplementation
Advantages of Soy Protein
Responsible Scientific Nutrition

Module 4 – Anti-Oxidants, Heart Health and Aging

Identifying and Preventing Free Radical Cell Damage
How to select Supplements
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Heart and Vascular Health
Aging Gracefully

Module 5 – Metabolic Regulation, Diabetes & Weight

Biochemistry of energy Production
Exercise is the Key
Diabetes Update
Weight Management through Detoxification

Module 6 – Immunity and Natural Defense

How Infections Start
Who is Susceptible
The Role of Stress on the Immune System
How Nutrition Affects the Immune System
How to Rebuild a Weakened Immune System

Module 7 – Stress Without Distress & Healthy Minds

What Constitutes Stress?
What is the Stress Syndrome?
Factors that affect Insomnia
Improving Normal Sleep

Module 8 – Detoxification

What is Toxicity?
Who is Best Suited for Detoxification?
What are the Methods for Detoxification?

Course Tuition

$595.00 per student

Intermediate Practical Nutrition Course includes:

  • Online  presentation (Print your own Manual)
  • Examination
  • Certification
  • Download a complementary copy of Dr. Shaklee’s book, A Study Course in Nutrition

Class Format

This class is offered in one of two formats:

  1. You can go directly to the On Line Course enrollment,
  2. You can enroll in an online presentation with a Facilitator, or
  3. You can organize a class of a minimum of three students and serve as the facilitator presenting the online course in your home.  Call Kathy for group discounts.
Enroll online: or Call 503-631-4184 and ask for Kathy or Email: for further information and ask about pricing for a personal cohort group
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