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HEC_Seal_200x200Whether you are gathering nutrition education information for yourself or for a loved one, you will gain knowledge and confidence enabling you to serve others.  If you are in a medical profession that demands a better understanding of practical nutrition and vitamin counseling, you won’t want to miss out on these exceptional and informative courses of study with advanced product training.

Dr. Brouse believes that the true definition of the word Doctor is “Teacher”.  When you go fishing and gift your catch to a family in need, you feed them for a meal.   But when you teach them how to fish, you empower them to feed themselves for life.  This universal law applies in the field of nutrition as well.

Benefits of Continuing Education

Investing in your continuing education by taking advanced training courses and gaining new certifications for is more important now than ever before. The current economy has made a more competitive job market in recent years. Continuously improving your skills is the one surefire way to stay ahead of the competition and advance your career.

Dr. Brouse developed three exciting continuing education courses of study in the field of nutrition.  They are available to you through the Academy. They are as follows:

Courses of study in the field of nutrition.

(Note: during the COVID 19 pandemic, the tuition will be 50% of that listed for each course)

  • Basic Practical Nutrition—3 hours, 1-3 Sessions. A 3-hour Course of Study designed to introduce individuals to Basic Practical Nutrition.  The examination for this class is multiple choice and measures your knowledge of the facts of the course content.  Completion of this course leads to a certificate of completion. Cost $125.00 ( less 50% = $67.50)
  • Intermediate Practical Nutrition Course—16 hours, 2-6 Weeks. A course of study designed for the serious student and business builder.  A special feature of this course is to introduce  nutritional products from a personal perspective. The assignments for this class are essay and measures your ability to comprehend, apply and converse about current and important issues in the field of nutrition.  A short multiple choice quiz at the end of each of the eight modules validates the students grasp of the most important topics.  Completion of this course leads to the certificate as a Practical Nutrition Adviser. Cost $595.00 (less 50% = $297,50)
  • You must be certified (current status) in Intermediate Practical Nutrition Course before you are eligible to register for Advanced Practical Nutrition Course.
  • Advanced Practical Nutrition—60 hours, 12 months. Home Study Course taken 5 hours each month for 12 months with true/false tests posted and taken online.  The true/false testing method measures your understanding of various relationships in the field of nutrition.  The completion of this 12 month course leads to the certificate as a Practical Nutrition Consultant. Cost $3,595.00 (less 50% = $1797.50)

Benefits of Certification

Definition:  Certification ~ “the act of recognizing a certain level of proficiency by one’s peers.”

In technical industries such as Microsoft with computer software and natural health care with nutrition, there is a certain body of knowledge that sets them apart from their competition.   A person who is a Certified Microsoft Professional carries the name and support of their industry instructors and peers.  Bill Gates did not go to IBM and ask for their blessing upon his undertaking nor did he go to Harvard to learn about computer software.  He started a company that has set the standard for all other computer software companies.   Microsoft is what all competitors would like to become.

The same thing is true for someone who is recognized by his or her peers as a Certified Practical Nutrition Adviser or Consultant as having met a measurable standard of educational excellence without being placed in the position of having to diagnosis and treat.  The type of information that sets them apart will not likely be taught at any college or university.  This is left to those in the industry.  Just as a Microsoft certified professional is trained and examined for their proficiency, nutritional professionals now have the same opportunity for their own brand of certification.

With over 2,600 graduates of our educational programs since 2003, including many in the medical field, the academy is excited to continue guiding and directing a healthy desire for excellence in this exploding wellness and nutrition industry.  The Northwest Academy of Practical Nutrition (now the Academy of Practical Nutrition) was founded in 2001 and is directed and staffed by nutritional physicians who have taught at professional schools and colleges.  They are students of Dr. Forrest Shaklee’s philosophy and users of Shaklee nutritional products.  They have brought together a curriculum and internet-driven system to share knowledge, encourage application and promote collaboration among serious students.

When a professor of an accredited college reviewed the course curriculum, he wanted to offer it as a course of study through their educational institution.  However; they wanted to edit out all reference to the Shaklee philosophy and nutritional product line.  Dr. Brouse refused to alter the course content because Dr. Shaklee’s philosophy and nutritional products are the foundation for success in his 44 years of practice that has resulted in improved health and wellness for Dr. Brouse’s many patients.

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