A Tribute to Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.

By Dr. Richard O. Brouse

Dr. Brouse begins study with Dr. Shaklee - 1976

Dr. Brouse begins study with Dr. Shaklee – 1976


“I believe that one should find in the products of Nature all that our organism needs for its growth and renewal.”

Reflections on a Philosophy—Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee Sr., 1894-1985


In Remembrance of Dr. Forrest Shaklee

No one has influenced my life as a doctor and scientist as profoundly as Dr. Forrest Shaklee.  The privilege of getting to meet him and question him about his beliefs, philosophy, struggles and triumphs will remain a part of me for as long as I live.

That memorable first day I stood before him and introduced myself by saying, “Dr. Shaklee, I am a professor of nutrition at a natural medical school and feel that I know almost nothing about the subject,” caused him to reply, “Young man, you are not far from wisdom for we are all students of this vast subject.  Realizing that we are neophytes opens the doors of knowledge as nature sees fit.  She alone holds the mystery of life and health.  Keep humble and continue to study, listen and practice what you discover to be true.”

That day in May of 1976 made me a student of the teachings and products from this wonderful man.

Today, millions of people around the world are re-discovering the Shaklee story.

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