How is Your Liver & Gallbladder?

by | May 18, 2020

The largest and most diverse organ in the body – do not abuse it!
Your liver is your vital detoxification organ, and if it becomes overloaded with toxins from the food, drink, or medications you’re consuming, you’ll have more toxins circulating throughout your body, damaging your organs and glands. Detoxing your liver will help it work more efficiently – and help you slim your waistline.  – Suzanne Somers

Food for your liver is essential to keeping this powerhouse functioning optimally. A healthy liver plays a key role in relieving digestive issues, such as a sluggish metabolism, gas, bloating, and constipation. It regulates blood sugar levels, which—when out of balance—can cause sugar cravings, fatigue, and fuzzy thinking. Biochemical oxidation in the liver is what keeps us warm at night.  We find that  taking supplements that combine milk thistle extract with schizandra, dandelion, mushroom extracts and turmeric round out detoxification and liver protection.

An Amazing Discovery For Treating Mushroom Poisoning

Milk thistle extract has been approved for treatment of poisonous mushroom consumption for many years in Europe. Milk thistle seeds have been used in folk remedies for hundreds of years as a method to treat people who have eaten poisonous foods. It stops damage to the liver and prevents the need for a liver transplant.

In 2007, Dr. Todd Mitchell was called on to treat a family who had eaten tacos made with poisonous death cap mushrooms, which had been picked outside a park in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Although the milk thistle extract was not readily available in the United States, he received permission for an emergency shipment to be sent to him to treat the family. The treatment was so successful that Mitchell began studying the effectiveness of the folk remedy. In his study, he has found that the extract is 90 percent effective in stopping liver damage due to death cap mushroom consumption.  Milk thistle We have learned that it helps stop damage from alcohol and other drugs as well.

We need Milk Thistle continuously  for  liver cleansing

Milk thistle (which has the scientific name Silybum marianum) is a weed that grows mostly in dry climates (although it can be grown in many parts of the world with a warm climate) whose seed is commonly turned into extract or supplement form in order to reap its cell regenerating milk thistle benefits.

As an herb that’s considered a “hepatic, galactogogue, demulcent and cholagogue,” milk thistle seed extract is able to promote healthy digestive function by helping with enzyme formation, increasing bile production, decreasing inflammation and soothing the mucous membranes throughout the body.

The amazing liver protector from nature

The liver is our internal cleaning and maintenance system that filters toxins, bacteria and antigen/antibody complexes from the blood that are absorbed from the intestines. It also detoxifies pollutants, hormones, toxic substances produced by fungi, histamines, and ammonia in the blood. The American lifestyle and man-made chemicals cause the function of the liver to slow down causing accumulated toxins. This is where milk thistle extract really shines! Fat deposits in the liver cause excess cholesterol to enter the bile making it thick and clumpy, forming stones in the liver. When our liver is overworked and toxins accumulate, symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, muscle aches, constipation and bowel disturbances, digestive disturbances, allergies or neurological dysfunctions may occur.


If you are currently exercising on a regular basis at least 30 minutes, three times a week, continue. Morning is the best time to exercise for most people. If you are not currently exercising, and are physically able, walk briskly 20 minutes every day for the first 6 days of this cleanse.

 You May Need More Than You Think To Catch Up

Past medications, antibiotics, dental materials, food additives and environmental exposures to pesticides, plastics, herbicides and bacterial exotoxins all degrade liver function to the point that a general detoxification program does not work as expected.  Milk thistle in higher concentrations may be necessary to rebuild liver cells so they can do the daily detoxification.  Dr. Brouse uses USP certified milk thistle extract for those special cases that need more of this amazing herbal supplement until liver function is restored.  After function is restored foods and herbs help maintain a healthy liver and detoxification system.  You may want to contact Dr. Brouse to review your health history and possibly make suggestions for optimizing your liver.  This organ is named “Liver” because our overall health cannot be better than the health of our liver.

Medication Note:

Avoid taking any medications that are not absolutely necessary. They interfere with the liver’s cleansing efforts.

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THe liver is the largest organ and most important all around organ in the body.
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