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by | Aug 14, 2018

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An estimated 83 million Americans are affected by cardiovascular diseases.  Women outlive men primarily because of genetic tendencies toward earlier heart disease in men.
The symptoms of heart attack can be different in women versus men, and are often misunderstood—even by some physicians.
Ninety percent of women over the age of 50 have one or more risk factors for heart disease or stroke; however 80 percent of heart disease and stroke events may be prevented by lifestyle changes and education.
We encourage you to Know Your Numbers: blood pressure, exercise work out accomplishment, cholesterol, C Reactive Protein, Homocysteine, Insulin Resistance and Quality of Sleep.

Causes of Heart Disease

  • Genetics – The human genome maps ethnic as well as dietary weaknesses toward heart attack – get a Cardiogenomic test
  • Inadequate exercise (90% too little, 10% too much)
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure and high blood sugar due to excess sugar, sodium and cooked vegetable fats
  • Smoking (avoid second hand smoke also)
  • Unresolved stress (spend time in nature)
  • Excessive alcohol (check liver function
  • High body fat (check your body type; ecto-, meso- or endomorph)
  • High blood levels of C-reactive protein, homocyestiene, iron, LDL particle size number, EPA/AA
  • Sleep Habits
  • Low blood level of Vitamin D (keep above 60 ng/ml at all times)

It’s The Little Things

Heart attacks have several major warning signs and symptoms:

  • Chest pain or discomfort.
  • Upper body pain or discomfort in the arms, back, neck, jaw, or upper stomach.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Nausea, light headedness, or cold sweats.
  • Sleep apnea and insomnia


Good nutrition and physical activity can dramatically improve your quality of life and protect against premature heart problems.

  • Maintain healthy body fat – the 180 Life Plan is excellent
  • Reduce any high blood pressure (when resting – less than 130/90 mmHg) – consider Shaklee Blood Pressure
  • Increase good cholesterol (HDL over 50, LDL Particle Size Number less than 1,000) – live life in harmony with nature
  • Improve cardiovascular function – (annual ECG after age 50 – keep personal copy) – consider Shaklee Omega Guard, Vital Mag and CoQHeart
  • Optimize bone density – Shaklee Vita D3 along with Osteomatrrix is essential for healthy bones and a healthy heart
  • Avoid Type 2 diabetes – consider Shaklee Glucose Regulation Complex
  • Improve your quality of sleep – Shaklee Gentle Sleep Complex  and Stress Relief Complex helps relieve daytime stress for better nighttime sleep

Learning Tools

Check your stress level anytime with your smart phone

Check your stress level anytime with your smart phone

It’s important to understand your health status and risks. Dr. Brouse has an extensive educational library suited to help you better understand wellness. Sunnyside Health Center uses cutting-edge screening tools to test patients for the prevention of heart problems before they occur.

  • Polar Beat Fitness Trainer – Customize your workout with over 100 different exercises.
  • Cardiovascular Disease (genetic testing to guide your diet and lifestyle choices)
  • Nutritional Lab Testing – customizes your nutrient needs based upon your current biochemistry.
  • High Blood Pressure(iHealth(R)  blood pressure monitoring
  • Send me your blood pressure readings by e-mail

    Send me your blood pressure readings by e-mail

    Stress Check with free iPhone app.


Dr. Brouse will review your health history, diet and lifestyle habits, define your goals, and provide you with a customized nutritional and exercise plan. Evaluations track your progress and provide you with the accountability that will turn an active routine and healthy eating into a way of life for your hearts sake.

To Get Your Own Personalized Nutritional Analysis Report & CD through the Build A Better You ProgramCall Kathy: (503) 631-4184
Wholesome ~ Fresh ~ Delicious                                                                                                    A Cookbook From The Brouse House

Wholesome ~ Fresh ~ Delicious A Cookbook From The Brouse House

JENNIE BROUSE has a passion for making delicious, nutritious food, and has been practicing since she was a girl. Her dear mother instilled in her the wisdom of eating for health, growing and preserving food from their large garden, and cooking from scratch. This lifestyle continued while raising their children to today. Sharing her delicious meals with friends and family has been part of her “love language”. Jennie’s husband, Richard, has counseled many patients with nutritional advice for over 43 years. She has worked beside him encouraging them in their change to a healthier lifestyle, including eating habits. This cookbook has evolved from the many requests of patients and friends who want a few guidelines for more wholesome cooking. Thus, Wholesome-Fresh-Delicious has been created with recipes that have been favorites in the Brouse house. It is the authors’ hope that many will be inspired to seek out more wholesome food sources, embrace seasonal eating of fresh produce, and love cooking from scratch; all of which will encourage great health! https://www.brousehousecookbook.com/

Tinnitus – Stop That Ringing

Tinnitus – Stop That Ringing

Nutrition can play a great part in contorlling ringing in the ears Rarely, tinnitus is due to an actual sound, such as blood rushing through an enlarged vein—a problem that requires medical treatment. More commonly the problem is due to nerve irritation from an...

Prevent Falling Down

Prevent Falling Down

The best ways to prevent falls! What do some medications, inner ear problems, foot pain, weight changes, blood sugar issues and vitamin D deficiency have in common? They can all affect your balance. And when you’re an older adult, being just the slightest bit off...

MetSys Wellness Evaluation

The MetSys program measures your current nutritional status and makes any suggestions to optimize your nutritional possibilities. With a comprehensive evaluation of your blood and urine profile, diet, and lifestyle symptoms, a report will be produced giving personalized recommendations.

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Dr. Richard Brouse Retd.

Dr. Brouse is a widely-recognized authority in the fields of nutrition and prevention of chronic degenerative diseases. He follows the practice of natural nutrition and lifestyle espoused by a number of pioneers in the field such as Linus Pauling, Abram Hoffer, Robert Cathcart, James Duke, and Evan Shute. He is an effective teacher with the ability to communicate scientific information in a manner that the general public can understand and apply.

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