Measuring your Healthspan vs. Predicting yourLifespan

by | Sep 24, 2015

Gerenomics is the study of the relationship of chronic degenerative disease related to aging. Actually, by slowing the aging process we invariably prevent the onset of more than 80% of diseases including cancer, digabetes, arthritis and heart disease.

 I only want to live to be 100 if I feel good at 99!

Animal models of disease are limited because of several factors. First, the expense of studying individual diseases is astronomical.  Next, younger animals respond differently than older animals in studies – very few young animals display chronic disease without invasive protocols.  Lastly, animal physiology (genetics) differ significantly from human.

How Should We Study Healthspan? – Study Prolonging Wellness

There are 3 distinct set of genes that contribute to our ability to extend or shorten our Healthspan; the human genome, food genome and bowel micro flora genomes.  The last contributor is represented from over 400 strains of bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi and about 150 times more than our human genes in modulating our overall health.  Food genes along with their aromatic signaling compounds are the one variable to this equation.

Check your genes

Human genomic testing for immune responses, liver detoxification, nervous function and cardiovascular health are now being used by preventive clinicians to help people modulate abnormal gee expression.  This science is already showing great promise in catching biochemical imbalances that can trigger defective genes and develop inflammation and disease.

Enter the discovery of Telomeres

How fast are your cells aging?  A Nobel Prize in Medicine 1n 2009 was bestowed upon Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn for her discovery of aging markers within the chromosomes of our cells.  Telomeres are instrumental in enabling the cells to divide and replicate. But as we grow older these tips wear out and shorten much like the shoelace caps. When they get too short, we get diseases and die.  For those who presently have good health, having your telomeres measured can assess your present rate of developing degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes or dementia thus giving you time to make corrections to slow down before you reach a dangerous curve in your curve.

Wholesome ~ Fresh ~ Delicious                                                                                                    A Cookbook From The Brouse House

Wholesome ~ Fresh ~ Delicious A Cookbook From The Brouse House

JENNIE BROUSE has a passion for making delicious, nutritious food, and has been practicing since she was a girl. Her dear mother instilled in her the wisdom of eating for health, growing and preserving food from their large garden, and cooking from scratch. This lifestyle continued while raising their children to today. Sharing her delicious meals with friends and family has been part of her “love language”. Jennie’s husband, Richard, has counseled many patients with nutritional advice for over 43 years. She has worked beside him encouraging them in their change to a healthier lifestyle, including eating habits. This cookbook has evolved from the many requests of patients and friends who want a few guidelines for more wholesome cooking. Thus, Wholesome-Fresh-Delicious has been created with recipes that have been favorites in the Brouse house. It is the authors’ hope that many will be inspired to seek out more wholesome food sources, embrace seasonal eating of fresh produce, and love cooking from scratch; all of which will encourage great health!

Tinnitus – Stop That Ringing

Tinnitus – Stop That Ringing

Nutrition can play a great part in contorlling ringing in the ears Rarely, tinnitus is due to an actual sound, such as blood rushing through an enlarged vein—a problem that requires medical treatment. More commonly the problem is due to nerve irritation from an...

Prevent Falling Down

Prevent Falling Down

The best ways to prevent falls! What do some medications, inner ear problems, foot pain, weight changes, blood sugar issues and vitamin D deficiency have in common? They can all affect your balance. And when you’re an older adult, being just the slightest bit off...

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The MetSys program measures your current nutritional status and makes any suggestions to optimize your nutritional possibilities. With a comprehensive evaluation of your blood and urine profile, diet, and lifestyle symptoms, a report will be produced giving personalized recommendations.

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